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The Crocodiles of Kansas City

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

The Crocodiles of Kansas City from Bright Eye Cinema on Vimeo.

It’s time this is made public web-wide: In 1961 Pat Nichols’ son brought home a baby crocodile in a plastic bag. By the mid-90’s Pat had established an add-hock sanctuary for well over a dozen adult crocodiles and countless birds at what became known as the Parrot Hill Crocodile Farm in Kansas City, Missouri. A colorful matron and maverick, she struggled to keep control of her bazaar and treacherous home, and protect its residents from the outside world. In 1997 I was graduating from art school and needed some extra cash. “The Crocodiles of Kansas City” consists of recordings I made while performing my duties working for Pat Nichols. Later, after dusting off the SVHS tapes, I edited this documentary. As word has gotten out about this video, I’ve been contacted every so often by others who at, some point, visited Pat and her beloved animals and felt they needed some proof to back up their own stories. I’m finally posting this record in an attempt to encapsulate the experience and share an individual, the likes of which I will never know again.

“The Crocodiles of Kansas City” won Best Documentary: Heartland at the 2007 Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee and recieved Best Of The Fest by the Kansas City Star. Directed by Ethan Turpin. Total run time: 22 minutes